At Accelerated, we want you to have a great experience and an outstanding video at the end of the day. If you're not completely satisfied with our work, then you'll pay nothing at all - That's our risk free promise. And we offer unlimited revisions during the editing process so that you can actually have some say how your video comes out. When you walk away after we're done, we want you to think of us first the next time you need amazing video content.


We have a small team which keeps things moving, and our overhead low. Silas (the founder) will be your primary contact throughout the whole process. He'll meet with you at the beginning, shoot your video, and oversee the editing process and provide coordination with any outside resources if needed. Rachel is the primary assistant at shoots that need more than a crew of one. Occasionally we hire some other very experienced individuals for specific tasks as needed.


Silas Barker started out creating short films and animations, including his award winning Perspective Film. After shooting a variety of productions, Silas discovered that his favorite type of video production (other than fictional films) was corporate and marketing videos. One of his greatest successes was helping a local Roseville company get a 350 million dollar contract through the video presentation he created for them to use as a sales pitch.

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Main Camera: Canon DSLR FF with various Lenses (HD/4K).

Additional Cameras: Canon SL1s with 10-18mm lens, Panasonic AG-UX90 (HD/4K) & Sony HVR-Z5U (HD).

Camera Support: Tripods, 10' Straight Dolly, Curved Dolly System, 4' Slider, Glidecam, Car Mount.

Aerial: DJI Phantom 4 Drone (4K Video / Photos) with extra battery.

Lighting: 3 Arri Frenels, 4 Studio Lights with (4) soft boxes, Color Gels, Reflector, Extension Cords.

Audio: 2 Wireless Lapel Mics, Shotgun Mic, XLR Cords, Adaptors.

Studio Space: We have a small studio space that is available as needed.

Misc: DSLR Timelapse Timer, Black, White, Blue Cloth Backgrounds, GreenScreen Setup.

Software: Adobe Production Premium, Blender 3D, Eastwest, Omnisphere.

Need something else? We can probably get our hands on it through a rental house.